Our quality content including animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia,

keep students interacting and engaged.

Pure Life Home Education Academy is a platform enabling students to pursue their personal goals and fullfil their, God-given, unique individual purpose. We provide a quality online academic system with local support. Though some students achieve their goals in a 'board and bench' classroom environment,  we understand that many students flourish in a limitless home education setting.

This is why we partner with parents and our vast international academic structure in laying a strong foundation that will open doors for future studies and career opportunities. We value family-based education at home, as well as the importance of accredited quality education.


Switched-On is a comprehensive, Biblical homeschool curriculum that offers an online learning system for grades 3-12. A fully integrated learner records management system keeps the parents up to date with the students' daily progress. Our quality content including animation, video clips, and other fascinating multimedia, keep students interacting and engaged. Switched-On is the perfect Christian homeschool curriculum for today's generation. With this flexible, best-selling curriculum, you can tailor the academic journey to fit the student's individual educational needs.

Home Education

We are passionate about family-base home education, where each family can establish valuable patterns of learning.

Our Bible-based content will be of benefit to those who need to be academically challenged and those who need more flexibility alike.

The journey that we embark on together is one of limitless learning, customized to the individual's specific needs in alignment with accreditation authorities.

Assignment Screens

Students get a consolidated view of daily assignments, curriculum overviews, due dates, subject reviews, and grades with this organisational feature geared to keep them on track.

Assignment screens allow for editing, add, remove, or reorder assignments, as well as change due dates of projects and tasks to pace coursework appropriately or according to individualized learning plans.

Automatic Grading, Reporting Tools and Data Management

The majority of student work is automatically graded by the system.

Students receive instant feedback, easily creates reports and data is stored for later reporting with this practical, time-saving feature.

Effortless review each student’s progress.

We found that this feature keeps some students motivated by tracking their progress 

Built-in Global Calendar

This useful, customizable tool keeps everyone informed and updates automatically when changes are made.

Events can be added, removed or modified with ease and school work is automatically re-generated to the new dates.

Truly Interactive

The SwitchedOn Education lessons include a media-rich platform consisting of more than 50,000 multimedia elements including interactive games, audio and video clips, external web links, a user-friendly Text-to-Speech feature granting students greater understanding by simply highlighting the text within the lesson and off-computer assignments.

Mastery Based

The direct result of our approach to academics is the grooming of independent thinkers. To search, find and filter information is an important yet minuscule part of the bigger picture. Freedom lays within the skills to apply the information to create and innovate.

The courage to explore and challenge, and the tenacity and resilience to master each part of the learning.